the eccentric trend

the eccentric trends

true eccentric style–always unusual,ordinary–exists in the world free from the predictable rules of trends or season.

it’s like an unexpected combinations such as shorts,knee socks and reading spectacles//fashioned striped tops with cropped pajama-style pants in prints//printed pants with a white t-shirt and bold jewelry.

trends - create your own wear

the eccentric trend

–Follow your own trends. Wear what you like, not what’s well-liked or stylish at the time. Dressing eccentrically is all regarding being daring along with your fashion decisions, and not worrying what others can assume. Don’t be afraid to embrace crazy patterns, combine and match colours, and wear wear from all completely different eras.
–Trends return and go, however your personal vogue is forever. If you like flaring jeans, don’t let the thin leg trends stop you from sporting those bellbottoms.
–You can additionally create your own wear. This way, you’ll have one-of-a-kind clothes that are fully faithful you.

the eccentric trend

Have a signature accent or item of wear – the wilder the higher. A mark of eccentricity has a signature look. whether or not it’s your lid, your bright costume jewellery, or continuously sporting one thing in leopard print, your signature item ought to be faithful you.
You will begin to become best-known for your signature look. Once you create it a part of United Nations agency you’reit’ll become a permanent a part of your eccentricity.
Wear your hair and makeup but you please. obtaining wild and fun along with your hair and makeup could be a good way to indicate your eccentricity. Bright eyeshadows and lipsticks, serious makeup, and rosy blush all add pops of color to your face. Experimenting with completely different hairstyles that you just like is in a different way to specific yourself; dye it different coloursplace it in crazy up-dos, buzz it off, or grow it as long as attainable. Wear no matter hairstyle you wishregardless of however weird it’s going to be thought-about.

If you don’t care regarding your hair or makeup, then don’t do ANything! Going fully natural during a society that forces good hair and makeup is an eccentric move in itself.